Dóra’s wish was a laptop suitable for editing videos as part of her school assignments.

Fulfilling such a wish just a few days before Christmas was more than a pleasure.

Dóra was deeply moved when she found her present at BlackRock’s Christmas tree. We turned it instantly on and, as the machine was booting up, she started telling her story.

A story about her plans with the new laptop. A story about her school and her future goals. A story about family, friends and schoolmates…

And as I was listening to her far-from-average stories, I slowly realised how extraordinarily strong this young girl is. Someone who faces her disease with a braveness defying many adults. Someone with a brilliant sense and a lot of ambition.

Dear Dóra, I wish you a quick recovery and lots of happiness with your new laptop!

We would like to thank for the support of BlackRock Hungary that allowed us to give such a joy to Dora.

Adam Siska

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