Magic Bugs?! and what this should mean?!

Since it’s foundation in 2003, the Magic Lamp Foundation has granted the wishes of thousands of 3 to 18 years old, life threatheningly ill children.

The "Magic Bugs" are private persons (or their groups) supporting the mission of "Magic Lamp".
Start among your friends, colleagues, acquintances small scale crowdfunding actions through this homepage . The donations will help to give joy to more ill children through realising his/her secret wish - thus giving the child a psychological support to endure the month or year long treatments.
Not only the organisers, but also the donors will became "Magic Bugs" and will appear on the Map of Magic Bugs with their message, photo, etc.

So how can one became a "Magic Bug"?

  • Collect donations as an athlete while participating in a sports event. Ask 1000-2000 HUF as support for the Magic Lamp Foundation for every mile, stage of bikeway, bounce of a ball you complete (be creative!). From that moment on you compete not only for yourself but also for the happiness of Magic Lamp children, together with your supporting mates.
The organiser, the donors and the Event itself will appear on the Map of Magic Bugs.

  • You can also collect donations by organizing a charity event. You can ask the guests or invitees of a family or corporate event organized for you or by you to contribute to the joy of one or more seriously ill children. For example such an event could be a birthday party or a wedding where you ask your guests to donate the price of the presents through instead of bringing presents and thus giving joy to ill children...

  • Anyone who does not do sport, does not organize an event, but wants to support the 15-year-old Magic Lamp Foundation’s national whis fulfilling mission, can send his/her donation on this page, which will also help our charitable activity.

As a donor, you will also become a "Magic Bug" and you will appear on the Map of Magic Bugs in the area of the postal code given by you wit the donation. Your name, nickname (or anonyme), donation and encouraging message to other potential "magoc Bugs" will also appear on the map.

Important informations in short:

You can donate through the special web page of each crowdfunding project (sports or other event) you want to support. You can find there the projects’s goal, the target amount to be collected, the current state of collection, the messages of the donor’s , and – if a special „Magic Lamp” wish was supported directly by the project – also a link to the photoreport of the wish-granting.

You can donate by name or anonymously, by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer, using the athlete's or event's page you want to support.

The athletes, oragnisers of events and all the donors become "Magic Bugs" and will appear on the Map of Magic Bugs.

We will send a thankful confirmation e-mail to the donors about the donations as soon as received.

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