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Do you organise an event, like a sports contest, a birthday or wedding party or a concert and want it to make it special?
What about "spicing it" with charity?

Submit your event to us and support our mission by collecting donations as an athlete, a by organising a charity event or with your donation,

You can find detailed instructions how to start a "Magic Bug" charity event by clicking here.

Upcoming Events

Slendy jótékonysági felhívás

Slendy Pékség

Accor Csoport

Accor Csoport is attending Telekom Vivicittá Félmaraton as a Magic Bug.

Balatoni Rackák

Balatoni Rackák is attending Ultra Tisza-tó 126 as a Magic Bug.

Csatári Mária

Csatári Mária is attending Generali Night Run as a Magic Bug.

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