"Magic Bugs" in Hungary

Our map shows you where in Hungary live our "Magic Bug" supporters: people, who help Magic Lamp's mission as sportsmen, as organisers of charity events, parties and campaigns or simply as private donors.

You can zoom into the map and browse for active or past events: by clicking on the signs you can see the number of "Magic Bugs" around a given locality or by clicking on a donation, you can read data about it: the donor's name (or "anonyme"), a message, a photo, and the amount donated.

Try it! Even with a 1.000 HUF donation you will appear on the map!

In case your donation is 10.000 HUF or more, you can upload a photo and a message to hearten other people to follow your example.

Thank you very much for joining and helping us to give jos to very sick children!

RED: active "Magic Bug" event GREEN: past event BLUE: donor data

  • Adomány gyűjtő (aktív)
  • Adomány gyűjtő (befejezett)
  • Adományozó

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