The three ways to become a "Magic Bug":


Collect donations as an athlete


Organise a charity event


Donate to Magic Lamp's mission

You and your friends, colleagues, schoolmates can bring with smaller or greater donations immense joy to houndreds of "Magic Lamp" children, suffering form a life threathening illness.

Start a small crowdfunding action by joining a big sports event and ask your mates to help you fulfill a wish, or just support our mission.

Organise and/or "transform" an event - like a birthday or a wedding party, a corporate family day - to a charity event and support the healing and recovery of very ill "Magic Lamp" children by collecting donations by your guests.

By clicking on one of the three options above you can start the process.

Open events to support

Slendy jótékonysági felhívás

Slendy Pékség

Accor Csoport

Accor Csoport is attending Telekom Vivicittá Félmaraton as a Magic Bug.

English title

Középiskolások virtuális sétája -
online adománygyűjtés
Európa 2000 Gimnázium - Budapest
2020. szeptember 27 - október 31.

Séta a beteg gyerekek álmaiért - Eötvös József Gimnázium

Középiskolások virtuális sétája -
online adománygyűjtés
Eötvös József Gimnázium - Budapest
2020. szeptember 21-27.

Szirmák Botond

Szirmák Botond is attending XIV. NN Ultrabalaton as a Magic Bug.

The map of Magic Bugs

Do you want to know, where the "Magic Bugs" - donors to the Magic Lamp Foundation live?

  • Adomány gyűjtő (aktív)
  • Adomány gyűjtő (befejezett)
  • Adományozó

Donate, and as one of the "Magic Bugs" you will also appear on the map

Our map shows the places where live and the number of our generous "Magic Bug" supporters.
You can zoom in the map to see the number of Magic Bugs around different localities, and by clicking on the signs you can see the name of the donor (if not anonyme), the donation, the donor's message and photo (photos can be uploaded with donations over 10.000 HUF)
Try it! You will appear on the map with as small as 1.000 HUF donation!
Thank you that we can give happiness to many very ill children together with you!

(Red sign: open event to support; Green sign: past event; Blue sign: a "Magic Bug")

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