Zalán came for a scheduled control to the Child Health Center between two treatments - that day started just like any other…
He didn’t expect that a surprise was waiting for him: the laptop, which was a great desire for him, arrived on that same day.

The boy was really happy when I was getting closer to him with a big box in my hand and said that it was for him.

He was surprised and asked: - What is in it?
- Open it! – I replied.
- Is it the laptop?! – He asked.

... and Zalán started to unpack the box.

It was a great pleasure to watch the pale face of the teenager became more red and lively as he was unpacking the box.
- I wouldn’t have believed it! – he said after seeing what was in the box.
He was extremely happy, I could see that from his face. A real, manly laptop! – He said repeatedly and showed it to the nurses, doctors who were coming by.

We wish you to have a lot of joy with your gift and get well as soon as possible!

Thank you for the support of the Mellow Mood Hotels

Zsuzsanna Tatárné Kovács
9.12.2018, Miskolc

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