Standing there with the remote controlled train in our hands, we knew instantly that the smile spreading across Zsolti’s face was a smile we would never forget.

The LEGO set itself was so large that it took us an incredible amount of time just to understand all of its characters and background story. In fact, the attention to detail was so remarkable that if we removed the roof of the hot dog store and peeked inside, there was an entire complex of customers drinking coffee and going about their lives. Of course Zsolti knew all of this already; he had watched it with great excitement in a video prior to our arrival. Yet when receiving the gift, genuine excitement and gratitude radiated off of him, warming all of our hearts.

After realizing that we forgot to get the batteries for the remote, one of us ran down to the store to buy some while the others helped unpack the contents of the box onto Zsolti’s hospital bed. Observing the LEGO set we were thinking to ourselves how many hundreds of pieces it may have consisted of, puzzled at its size. Zsolti himself was quite impressed too, remarking that the remote controller for the train was the newest and most impressive model. And to our greatest joy, his responses led us to believe that we really did bring him a cool gift!

Zsolti, we hope our gift will bring you lots of joy in times to come and thank you for having us!!

We would like to thank Corinthia Hotel Budapest and its gracious guests for their generousity, attention and selfless help, that made this wish come true.

Dr. Kapás Ferenc and Kapás Csilla
Szeged, January 31, 2019

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